The Shoelace Solution

Being left-handed has its perks. Supposedly we, as a sub-race, have the creativity gene, we kill when it comes to being a baseball pitcher and we ace the drivers exam blind fold. However, it’s got it’s drawbacks. Evidently, we seem doomed to be president of the United States. Another, more obvious thing is that 8% to 15% of us live in a world in which EVERYTHING works against us.

Scissors seem to be one of our archenemies, and ever since grade school I bet all of us, lefties and righties, remember those rounded-off safety scissors with LEFT imprinted on the side. Most days I wish I could go back to Mrs. Nelson’s class and snag one of those. I can’t tell you how many important pieces of paper I’ve ruined with my handwriting by smudging the ink as my palm steamrolls over my newly written words. Also, what’s the deal with computer mice? (Mouses?) The world pulled a fast one on us! Made us learn how to use our PCs with our right hand! I deserve requital!

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Flander’s Leftorium

I am amazed that those of us in the left-handed community haven’t thought it necessary enough to pull    a Ned Flanders and open a Leftorium, a store exclusively for Left-Handers.

All things aside, I think the reason we Lefties are creative is because of the constant challenges we face to adapt to a Righty world. As an example, and I find this quite silly I just outdid this challenge, but I’ve always had issues with my shoelaces coming untied. I would have tied them, literally walk ten steps, and notice that one of my shoes was already untied.

This is clearly one of those instances that must be solved for life to continue it’s awesomeness.

Well, it happened to be because of the way I had been tying the bow the whole time! Instead of wrapping the lace away with my left hand, it was always my instinct to bring my dominant hand towards me. I was never told about shoelace tying to this detail obviously. Out of the birth of trying something new, I now walk around without dragging my ragged shoelaces behind me.

What can I say, I’m a new guy now.

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Hey. You Rock.

So, never think that you’re pigeonholed. Imagine if Lefties were suddenly gathered together by the rest of the world and forced to be everyone else’s personal bathroom attendant? That wouldn’t be fun. So, we live in a pretty good time. No one is harassing anyone… Well, too much. Uneducation is still pretty popular, but I think it’s on the decline. Use this as your excuse to do something awesome. Your excuse to challenge the hell out of life.